Wednesday, March 28, 2007


OK I really must stop posting on Jim Denham, people will start to talk.
But but just one last post ...for a few days :-)

This came via Janine .

Political Betting have odds on one J Denham becoming leader. Is it Jim ?

Not sure if this is inspired by his campaign to keep Bournville dry but apparently you can bet on him becoming the next Leader of the labour Party!!

Can I be the first member of the Jim4Leader campaign. Tami, Volty, John, to come on board ?

Shall we organise a national tour of fine drinking establishments , set up Bloggers4Jim and plan a rally ?

Yep, the Jim4Leader starts here !

(Yes I do know its really John Denham, but in my imaginary world ...)

Update from Volty in the comments box :


As of this evening, Mr Denham has declared that he has the support of 140 Labour MPs, making him the most serious challenger to Gordon Brown in a sparse field. He has invited John McDonnell to stand down as a leadership candidate and instead run for deputy with his support. Michael Meacher has claimed it's all a big conspiracy, just like 9/11.

Campaign picture courtesy of John. Jim with his minder Volty, emphasising his 'puritan' policy. See sidebar for the campaign 'button'!