Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Keef : "I snorted my dad's ashes, and they went down well "

Keith Richards has said he snorted some of his dad's ashes mixed up with some cocaine. Not quite sure how to react to that !
I like Keith. He doesn't give a damn what people think and has outlived many who lived a 'cleaner' life than him. As someone once said :

Only two things would survive a nuclear war - coachroaches and Keith Richards.

I have always much preffered him to his 'glimmer twin ' Mick, who I find dull.
I mean Keef did not want a knighthood and is a lot less of a social climber.

His manager has stated it was said in jest. Whether that's the case or not , its likely to add to the mythology, including the stories of blood transfusions, that attaches to Keef .
Update : Link to the blood transfusion myth (in response to comment). Didn't think I had got that bit of rock trivia wrong, being a bit of an anorak!