Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Drink and bloggers .

Just a reminder that the the second Bloggers Piss up will be this Saturday. Check out details of where on Kit's site.

The first involved much drunkenness, singing and patting and kissing of backs of heads. Who knows what the next one will bring.
We did have a little practice (yep, even Stroppy needs to keep practising her drinking skills ) last weekend at the John McDonnell rally.
I must admit I am easily lead into bad ways . Each time I meet up with Volty at any political event , I end up in the pub and miss most of it. The rally was no exception. I was trying to be a good girl and listen appreciatively to some manky crustie singing. I popped out for some fresh air and met with Volty and Denham . Now fans of Father Ted will remember Mrs Doyle saying 'go on go on go on', with regards to tea. Well Volty was like that when I kept saying I didn't want a JD. Then Denham said lets go to the pub, and off we went, like kids bunking off school (again!).
Why do I do it ! I mean last time Denham patted my head and called me Doll. This time he dispensed with the niceties and just threw drink all over me.
What will he do this Saturday?

Come along and find out.

All leftie bloggies welcome .

(Bloggies are not just people with blogs, but those who comment and hang around on leftie blogs. Sad people who need to get out more basically!)