Friday, April 27, 2007

A deal between Meacher and McDonnell ??

The Times today reports :

Gordon Brown’s chances of facing a left-wing leadership challenge rose last night after it emerged that his two declared challengers are pooling resources to try to gain enough support to enter the contest.

John McDonnell, a backbencher, and Michael Meacher, a former Environment Minister, are preparing to announce a deal that would mean that the candidate with less support drops out, backing the other.

Has Meacher finally come to his senses and put his ego aside and returned to Planet Reality ?
From most reports, rather than his ever changing figures for MPs backing him, it does look like McDonnell has the best chance of getting on the ballot.

McDonnell has the most consistent principled voting history and has put in the work on the ground to build a campaign built on policies and not on personalities. Meacher on the other hand is not credible with the left.

Meacher though is still faffing over a deal:

But last night The Times discovered there are tensions between the two candidates, with Mr McDonnell saying that a deal had been struck but Mr Meacher saying the details still had to be worked out.
Mr McDonnell said: “For the last three months we have been trying to get Michael Meacher to sit down and say that whoever has the highest number of MPs goes forward. Yesterday we sat him down and he agreed to that. But we’ve been here before and we hope he adheres to the deal.”
By contrast, Mr Meacher said that there was still some way to go before the final details were ironed out. “We are moving towards what I hope will be an agreement. I think it’s jumping the gun to say there is an agreement at the moment though. I do think we will reach an agreement along those lines. The important thing is there is a single centre-left candidate.”

What is he playing at ?? He does not appear to have the backing of MPs and he does not have the grassroots support, in the Party and TUs, that McDonnell has started to build. The left does not need this sort of bickering. Meacher...neither of you will win, but a united campaign , already started by McDonnell, could reinvigorate the left in the Party. If you keep on like this the words that spring to mind include left/piss up and brewery.