Saturday, May 05, 2007

Jail for Paris Hilton

Well on a lighter note I notice Paris Hilton (pictured on her way to court)has been jailed for 45 days after being found guilty of violating her probation for a drink-driving conviction:

A Los Angeles judge ruled she must start her sentence on 5 June and has no prospect of an early release.
Ms Hilton told the judge she was very sorry and that she would "pay complete attention to everything" from now on.
The socialite said she did not know her licence had been suspended when caught driving without headlights in February.
According to papers filed in Los Angeles' Superior Court, Ms Hilton was stopped by California Highway Patrol officers on 15 January and informed she was driving on a suspended licence.
The 26-year-old then reportedly signed a document acknowledging she was not allowed to drive.

On 27 February, she was stopped by Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department for speeding on Sunset Boulevard with her car's headlights off and charged with violating her probation.
Although Ms Hilton maintained she was not aware her licence had been suspended, court papers said the document she signed in January was found in her car's glove compartment.
She was also accused of failing to enrol in an alcohol education programme by a court-ordered deadline.

She tried to say she did not realise she could not drive, playing dumb (that wasn't hard), stating she signs what 'her people' put in front of her. She obviously held the law in contempt, well its for the little people isn't it, turning up late for the hearing. Her mother laughed when the prosecutor asked for jail. Well I mean, don't they realise we are rich. We can drink drive and do what we damn well like .

There is an appeal, so lets see if she can wriggle out of this.

If not she could always turn the stint in jail into another 'reality show' like 'The simple life', where she was arrogant and mocked 'ordinary' people. Or perhaps more along the lines of 'One night in Paris ' remade in a women's prison. That should sell...