Saturday, May 26, 2007

Blog roll update

Just come across this new blog, Labour Left Forum and thought I would give it a plug.

It states :

This new forum for people on the Labour Left has the potential to be an invaluable addition to the blogosphere! We have good comrade Mikael to thank for setting it up and designing it. It will undoubtedly be 'finding its feet' for a few days, but I'm hoping it will develop into an essential stopping place for lefties on the net! The idea is that it will be a collaborative effort with a variety of writers from the Labour Left offering their thoughts on various issues, raising awareness of campaigns and co-ordinating activities. It also offers every opportunity for comments/discussion/debate.

Many of us in the LP are feeling pissed off and fed up after Labour MPs decided we could not have a say in who the next leader would be, so its good to see this site. Hopefully it will be part of a bigger campaign and keep the momentum going for the Labour left.

I have also added grimmerupnorth, the blog of Susan Press. A stroppy leftie woman who does not mince her words!

So pop over to both sites and join in the debates .