Monday, May 21, 2007

Sheridan, SSP, bloggers piss ups and drink related injuries...

Back from my travels .

I liked Edinburgh . We did lots of drinking, live music, more drinking and pootling about doing touristy stuff.

Oh and our own Scottish Bloggers piss ups.

Now I have cast doubt on whether Will is 'real' or a figment of the imagination .
I did though have it on good authority that Will was real . He was described to me as not only very disturbed and arsey but looking like a cross between Clooney and Mourinho.Who could resist such a combination.

Well I have to report he is actually a middle aged middle class lady (see pic of Wilma on the right, with her friends)with a blue rinse who runs a traditional Scottish tea room. Makes lovely jam as well, even gave us a jar to take back. Will is really Miss Wilma McDonald and when not in her tea room she is the backbone of the local WI.She also breed poodles, a hobby she shares with Denham. Thing is she is a bit lonely and so has a fantasy world on the blogs and has created this character called Will. Hakmao is her good friend, a staunch church goer , renowned for her flower arranging.

At times though Wilma slipped into Geordie and insults.I think her words were, 'yer doing ma heed in woman' as I polished off the bottle of JD. Hak called me a shameless hussy and minx. I was also told off for tormenting Jim Denham. I tried to explain we all need a hobby.

Still must be nice to Wilma, she has been in the wars a bit .Don't think she usually has more than a dry sherry of an evening. She now has a bit of a dodgy knee and badly bruised foot. Best say no more about how that happened .

We also met with some SSP comrades, Cat and Eddie. It was good to meet them and see their determination to rebuild after all the (ongoing) crap from the Sheridan fiasco.Its depressing how one man and his ego can destroy years of work to build the left in Scotland. I have stated my views on Sheridan and after meeting them I realise quite how much damage he has done.

Anyway, must catch up on all the soul searching, dissecting and told you so posts re McDonnell and the LP left.