Thursday, May 31, 2007

Respect and Big Brother

You would think they would learn, but no. It seems, according to Hakmao, that a Respect activist (member ?) is in the Big Brother house. I couldn't see anything on the Respect website, so whether they know is another matter.

I had a look at the BB website and it seems this is the person:

Carole is a self-confessed political protestor with a big heart. From Greenham Common to anti-war rallies, she's passionate about her beliefs and is extremely positive about life. She doesn't suffer fools and is always happy to say exactly what is on her mind "I'm gonna shake it something rotten!"

Status: Single.

First Words: "Woo, woo, milked it!"

Life Philosophy: "Chilled out music, lovely people, good weather."

Likes: Peace, harmony, tattoos and sign language.

Dislikes: Racism, fascism and slapstick humour.

Why BB?: Wants to bring important issues to the public.

Well the gorgeous one said he wanted to raise issues but he was not able to given the rules of BB, not sure how Carole thinks she will do that.
Germaine Greer also attempted it unsuccesfully, it doesn't seem to work. But hey, perhaps I'll be proved wrong. I have nothing in principle about using the mass media to promote leftie (and Respect) politics. In fact the left does need to look at how it gets its message across and try new ways.

Its important though to remember who is on control, and that's BB and their editing. Getting across a serious political message in an environment of exhibitionism and wannabee celebs is not going to be easy . The producers want sex, cat fights and bad behaviour, preferably in a bikini.

Still a talk show or Heat magazine may beckon...