Monday, May 28, 2007

Jim Denham, mudwrestling and thongs...

No I am not drunk, just have an overactive imagination . Oh and according to Hakmao a 'predilection for weird leftie men'.Well someone has to .

Over at Shiraz there was a discussion about the Militant Blog. Its now about who people want to see mud wrestle in a thong to sort out their political differences. Nothing to do with me, honest ;-) I'm a serious political blogger.

Given all the arguments I expect a mud wrestle may be as good a way to deal with serious theoretical and strategic differences as any other.

Anyway, good readers, who would you like to see settle their arguments this way? Who would you really really not want to see covered in mud in a thong (unless someone was going to pay for the years of therapy afterwards)?


Its now naked weird leftie men cooking in aprons (Hakmao has taken it into a culinary direction). Some of us need to get out more...