Monday, June 04, 2007

Stroppy and her guitar ...its love

Just bought a guitar. I'm sure this is starting to bore people and I will get back to other subjects soon. But, but but but its really cool and cerise and glittery and and I'm in love ;-)And no its not sensible and I believe some may say I am being unseemly even . Pah !

Bought the Daisy Rock Rock Candy in Atomic Pink . The pics do not do it justice. It is a cerise pink and it glitters. I keep looking at it. I will learn to play it , I have a DVD !

I have taken some pics of it on my phone, but can't work out how to e-mail them and I have lost the connection lead.

Still I can look at the pics when I have to be parted from it.

I got a bargain as well. It was £450 in the shop. I spent hours looking on the Internet at shops, guitars and reviews. I found it was cheaper on their website and they sold it to me for £250. Result!

I'm gonna get a strap for it, some music books , probably more DVDs so I can learn some songs. I'll get some books about guitars so I know what it does and what others do.

Oh and a glittery pink anorak.

This may distract me from the blog. And politics, pah, sod that I'm playing my guitar...