Sunday, December 23, 2007

Women know your place !!

There is a debate in the commentsbox in an earlier post, about the role of women on the left.

Tami states :

Women still have trouble being taken seriously - and even when they are there is still a level of "ohh isn't that great! a young woman is involved in politics" which I pick up on easily and which is rather annoying to say the least. There is not a lot of encouragement to develop serious female cadre because of this condescending attitude and therefore you often have young women either not participating or when they do they are not particularly good speakers or particularly well trained - these roles are seen as male roles within the movement.

It's either that or your views get relegated to being "women's issues", environmentalism, LGBT right or other "soft subjects". You're not really expected to jump in there and debate heavy economic questions with the boys or serious political theory.

The left is going to need to address the questions of sexism not just in regards to the more fundamental issues as we have seen in the discussion of sexism on other blogs - but also in the very real unstated division between men's and women's "roles" within left groups.

Cat has joined in, adding a you tube link,and I thought I would add it here. Well I can't be arsed to think of anything to write .

So hat tip to Cat and check this out :

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