Sunday, December 16, 2007

The left is fucked !!

Yeah I know, I've said this before .

Today though I spent some time looking on Socialist Unity (never was a name quite so inappropriate).
Now some may say this is sour grapes as Andy has proudly announced a number of times how many people visit his blog and he gets many more than my 250-350 average unique visitors. This has increased since the Respect split. If that makes him happy then all well and good but at what price,I mean the Sun newspaper gets more readers than the broadsheets .

Anyway I read the comments with an increasing feeling of depression and anger at the way people were arguing. There was so much hate, anger and energy directed at scoring points and being abusive and threatening.

Andy has said that this blog is one of the very worst for intimidation and that I have double standards. Well that phrase came back to me as I saw mainly male commentators being abusive and threatening .

So whats happened about this new accountable, open , welcoming Respect Renewal then?

There is a post on sexism which has degenerated into abuse and threats. One commentator allegedly is known to have hit a woman and he seems to be welcome there and also quite active in RR. So far no one has denied that.

I have in the past been called a 'CIA whore' by someone who comments there and is in RR.

Another RR member is making threats to people in the comments.

Andy, if you are serious that RR is different then you need to look critically at the behaviour of some of your members and the level of 'debate' conducted by them.

So come on Andy, do you also have double standards ?
Oh and don't divert attention back to what the SWP did or didn't do. RR is a broad left party, it has councillors and MPs. For many lefties who are disillusioned in the LP it should be a tempting alternative, the SWP isn't. RR is saying they are different, come on then show us.

Look at the level of 'debate' . Oh and now we have the reopening of the Sheridan/SSP/ Solidarity fights now that there has been an arrest.So now there are two nasty bitter fights going on.

I look at much of the left and seriously would not want many of them to exercise any real power.

The left rips itself apart and fights in ever decreasing circles.

Stand back and look at how the left is behaving. Imagine you are new to the left, wtf does it look like.

Does it really care that it is getting smaller and more inward looking , disappearing up its own collective backside ?

I expect I will be dismissed as having double standards, or be told but what about the LP , or stop picking on RR or some diversionary tactic. I doubt my view counts and they probably don't care that they are alienating potential supporters. Its easier to attack than listen and reflect.

Meanwhile in the real world its pretty shit for many people.

But hey, lets get back to the important stuff, fighting each other while New labour and the neo cons laugh at us.