Sunday, December 09, 2007

Save Our Ticket Offices

As my sister bloggers appear to be on some kind of blogging strike, I'll fill the gap with a plug for an online petition I set up some months back.

London Underground plans to close 39 ticket offices and cut the opening hours of virtually all the rest. Disaster for passengers. Disaster for workers. Disaster for those who need help because of faults with the ticketing system, unfamiliarity with said ticketing system, language barriers, disabilities or other factors. Disaster for those without the resources to buy Oyster gold cards on their personal internet connection. This petition on the 10 Downing Street website protests against the cuts and closures.

The number of signatures on the petition is moving towards 1,000, but at a painfully slow pace. I'd love to hit the thousand in time for Christmas, so I can spread some festive cheer among workers who will still be selling their labour power to the boss while much of the rest of the country takes a well-earned seasonal break. Please sign it, and if you feel extra keen, email your whole address book asking them to sign it too. And plug it on your blog if you've got one.