Sunday, January 13, 2008

Strummer T-Shirts from Philosophy Football

Right, time for a 'commercial break' !

Yep, I am thoroughly shameless and happy to plug Philosophy Football in return for some freebie t-shirts . I know its not exactly cash for honours but its a start and I am a Clash fan . All other offers considered. Given all the free plugs JD gets (the drink not Mr Denham ) , then I should be sent a couple of bottles at the very least.

So here is the plug for some new T-Shirts and very nice they are too :

Regarded by most fans as the finest of all Clash songs, the closing
words from White Man in Hammersmith Palais make the finest of epitaphs
for our remembering Joe Strummer shirt. With part profits going to
Billy Bragg's Clash-inspired initiative.
The shirt is available in sizes small- XX-large. Plus womens' skinny
rib fit. Available from Philosophy Football.