Sunday, April 27, 2008

Richard Barnbrook - News of the World kiss and tell

Now I really don't care what people get up to in bed as long as its consenting adults , but I can't resist posting on Richard Barnbrook getting the kiss and tell treatment in the News of the World today :

BNP boss Richard Barnbrook cheats on Brit with IMMIGRANT
Racist ranter tutu times ballerina

BNP frontman Richard Barnbrook has been cheating on his ballerina fiancée... with a FOREIGN NURSE.
The racist ranter —bidding to be London mayor—was secretly bedding Finn Annika Tavilampi when he proposed to English National Ballet star Simone Clarke.

Barnbrook—who studies Hitler—ADVANCED on Annika, 28, after spotting her on an online dating site, BLITZED her with filthy texts and pictures— and asked her to MARRY him too.

"Richard sent me photos of his private parts before I'd even met him," says the redhead. "I thought this was very odd for a politician."

"He was average in bed. And then there was his drinking—I've only ever seen him properly sober a couple of times. But I still fell for him."


He proposed to Simone over a romantic candlelit dinner. But all the time Barnbrook—whose mayoral campaign pledge is to "remove" London's one million immigrants—was planning to remove a particular immigrant's knickers.

"He's not the most skilful or active lover I've had, but I loved him so much it made up for it— even though the only time he took me out was to a Wetherspoon's."

So much for strong family values, though the reality is its all about hypocrisy and pretence much of the time.

The best bit of course is that Annika Tavilampi accuses him of being crap in bed, sending pics of his dick to women he meets on the internet and that his idea of showing a girl a good time is Weatherspoons .