Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Last nights pro choice demo

Think I'm the last to post on the demo!

Met with Jon and MarshaJane in the pub first, well need a few drinks before facing the reactionary god bothers that we knew would be there .

The pro choice demo was lively . Now I have probably missed people out, but I spotted the RMT, NUT, Respect Renewal, Socialist Resistance, Left List, SWP, AWL, Feminist Fightback and the LRC/Women's Left Network in attendance . Oh and of course Abortion Rights; as we approached their pink placards and balloons stood out especially against the plain banners of the men telling women what to do with their bodies. Yep, this isn't a balanced post :-)

It was a good humoured demo, and although smaller than pro choice demos of old, it felt positive and noisy with a fair few stroppy women!
Afterwards back to the pub to calm our nerves whilst waiting for the results .

I'll post my thoughts in a few days about where next for abortion rights.

Here are a few pictures, they aren't great as I used a camera phone and didn't manage to get a picture from a good enough angle to show the size of it.

The one and only MarshaJane :

General demo pics :

Feminist Fightback:

Respect Renewal :

(I was told by one of their members that if Galloway didn't vote to support a woman's right to choose, RR policy, they would have words with him. Horse,stable door , bolted springs to mind.)

LRCers demonstrating team work putting up the banner while I stand by and take pics, helpful like.

Hymn singing non murderous non whores

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