Thursday, June 12, 2008

Can New Labour get any worse ?

Well yes.

There has been lots of debate on the 42 days detention without trial vote in the commons last night.
I'll add only a little more .

First off what the fuck when New labour relies on Widdecombe and the DUP to get this through ,when the Tories can appear more 'left' than some Compass and LRC MPs.

Yep, Cruddas, Trickett and it appears some LRC supporting MPs ( I haven't had time to check the names ) are to the right of David Davies !

We are not talking radical leftie principles here, its basic civil liberties and yet in they trooped to prop up New labour when supposedly they believe its dying .

Civil liberties trashed .

But wait, it gets worse, via the F word

But it would never have happened without support from the DUP - according to the Telegraph, he secured this support by promising - among other things - not to end the ban on abortion in Northern Ireland.

Shaun Woodward, the Northern Ireland Secretary, assured the DUP that the Government had no plans to end the ban on abortion in the province. Abortion has never been legal in Northern Ireland, and women and girls seeking a termination often travel to the England for the procedure.

I wonder what they offered the Compass and LRC MPs ?

(Of course we shouldnt be involved in what happens in the North of Ireland, but given we are then its despicable that women's rights are so easily bargained away).