Friday, August 29, 2008

Tracey Emin Exhibition - Edinburgh Modern Art Gallery

Eddie and I went to see the Tracy Emin exhibition at the Edinburgh Modern Art Gallery here today and I really liked it, I saw some of her work when it was displayed for the Tate Award some years back and I loved it then.

Tracy Emin is fantastic - have others seen her stuff? She is clever in how she collects stuff and most of it relates to her. She tells her story through objects, paintings and banners. Her banners and films I like the best.

It exposes a lot about her experiences of sexual, physical and emotional abuse from men. She tells us she was sexually abused and raped on more that one occasion. My favourite piece being a short film entitled "Why I didn't become a dancer". She tells the viewer about having lots of sex as a teenager and then one night when she is in a dancing competition boys verbally attack and humiliate her shouting slag at her. She had had sex with most of the boys. What is that about? Anyway at the end she does a great damnce to "You make me feel" and dedicates it to those horrible young men.

Of course the "bed" was there, which in the exhibition makes perfect sense.

What was interesting is that in the visitors book - the women thought it was "fantastic" "brilliant" "super" "loved it" but quite a lot of the negative comments appered to come from men "is this art" "so you were raped and had an abortion - get over it" "shit" "this crap". There were a mixture from both genders saying runof the mill things but I was surprised to seen the polarity in the comments from men and women. Almost as interesting and thought provoking as the exhibition itself.

Anyway had a nice day out and it was nice a warm.