Sunday, August 24, 2008

Wheeeee ...1000th post !!!!!!

Yep, the top Trot Wag blog(Dave being 'ironic'), has reached its 1000th post .

Oh and a new twag 'signing', welcome Tami.
So here's to the next 1000 posts covering all those 'lifestyle' issues that Punchie disapproves of.

Coming up ...


Is Carla Bruni-Sarkozy the new Jackie O and where does she get her clothes from.

A "How to look good naked" special starring your favourite bloggers.

What the best dressed Trot will be wearing for the autumn/winter demos.

Real life stories

Will tells of the moment he saw the face of Jesus in a crumpled up crisp packet and how this lead him to become a Priest. He talks movingly about his past life as a swearing ranty Geordie and how the love of god has helped him make amends to all those he was rude to.

Coleen Rooney talks exclusively to Stroppyblog about her time in the International Bolshevik Tendency and her frustrated attempts to form a pro Manolo's tendency.

Food and wine

Jim Denham's guide to dinner party etiquette and is it ever acceptable to call your hostess a Nazi.


Paddy the Puritan invites us for a tour of his stunning loft apartment on Stoke Newington Church Street .
He talks exclusively about why he shops at Fresh and Wild and gives us a sneak preview of his design collection for the more modest woman, inspired by his muse Yvonne Ridley .

New age

Our resident astrologer and tarot reader, Hakmao, will tell your fortune.


Stroppy's new column 'bottle blond binge drinkers:' a guide to growing old disgracefully.

Fucking, Fisting and Fishnets

Ms Stroppy answers all your problems.

Personals for sad leftie men who want to get laid

Includes the cream of the left ...

Jim D " Spank me baby!I have been a very very bad boy and am looking for someone to tell me off in German.Uniform optional. Melanie Phillips look a like my ideal"

Jon R " Is your idea of a romantic night in one spent reading Trade Union rule books to each other? If so do get in touch. I have an extensive collection going back many years, many unions and they are only slightly sticky"

Punchie " Up against the wall baby. Wanted: right wing Paris Hilton look alike to polish my AK47 . Asda knicker wearing lefties a no no."

Update: Sadly its now goodbye to Tami who doesn't want to blog here at the moment.