Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Woman's Drinking Not To Blame For Rape

Good news. A woman has successfully challenged a decision by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority to cut her compensation for being raped on the grounds that she had been drinking beforehand. The CICA admits that it probably made the same 'mistake' (read: sexist victim-blame) in 14 other cases, and will now review its practice on this issue.

The compensation payout concerned was a mere £11,000, hardly a fortune especially compared with the £4.5m paid to Ben Collett, whose football career was terminated by a nasty tackle.

Nearly three years ago, I blogged about the tendency to blame women who have been drinking for being assaulted. Such nasty excusing of the perpetrator, and of the system that endorses him, is undoubtedly still with us. But at least this victory for one woman may have made a dent in it.

Now, let's see ... How about the CICA reviewing its view that a mother who takes her kids out on fireworks night should expect to lose an eye?!

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