Sunday, August 10, 2008

Johnson/Cruddas dream ticket?

Todays observer has an awful piece about unions backing a johnson-cruddas dream ticket, and no mention of a change in policies.

Dream ticket? Its my idea of a nightmare!
I know let's repeat the mistakes of a few years back!

I've sent in this in response and would encourage others to do similar.

(John4leader 08 anyone?)

Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2008 13:09:38

Subject: Unions and Mps back 'dream ticket' 10.08.08

Unions and Mps back 'dream ticket'.
Unions and trade unionists are not particularly interested in who the leader is but in a change of policy. It is the centre right agenda fully backed by Johnson that is alienating those union members that Tony Woodley mentions. As for Cruddas he fails to convince as Prescott to Johnson's Blair. Neither candidate has a solid track record of support for union policies. If union members want influence for our policies - and our unions - in the context of the forthcoming leadership election we need to focus attention on those policies, rather than the personalities who are jockeying for position. That is why we need a candidate who will stand to promote union policies and put these firmly on the agenda before all the candidates.