Friday, October 17, 2008

Off Sick

To excuse my lack of indepth, intellectually-stimulating blogging around this time, and to satisfy any gore-enthusiasts amongst you, a little medical update ...

On Wednesday, I had surgery on my right eye, resulting in the very attractive visage pictured here. The eye - which completely lost its ability to see when struck by a rocket firework three years ago - has been losing volume, meaning that it, and its accompanying falsie, would gradually sink back into my head. So to prevent that happening, I had an implant put in the day before yesterday. This was an hour-long surgical procedure under general anaesthetic, involving some of the content of my eye being scraped out and an artificial thingy being put in to bulk it up.

The main post-op dangers are infection or rejection. So I'm on a cocktail of two types of antibiotic tablets, one antibiotic ointment, two painkillers, one anti-inflammatory, and a weird-tasting liquid that counters the constipating effect of one of the painkillers. I'm also dozing for most of the day, and am posting this during one of my brief visits to the land of wakefulness.