Saturday, November 01, 2008

Women campaigning in Glenrothes By-election

Women activists in the Scottish Socialist Party were out campaigning in Glenrothes for demands for women and to encourage women to use their vote.

Our candidate is a great activist - Morag Balfour, she has campaigned for many years against Trident and is a "militant" peace campaigner, she is also the Co-Chair of the SSP alongside Anthea Irwin.

Just thought comrades would like to see some activity, all three elections are on 6th November 2008.Robert Richard, SSP candidate in Forth ward, Edinburgh

Morag Balfour, SSP candidate, Glenrothes by-election, Fife

Daniel O'Donnell, SSP candidate, Bailieston, East Glasgow

And just to let you know we are also standing in Forth Ward in Edinburgh - Robert Richard and the SSP's very own Daniel O'Donnell is Bailieston Ward in East Glasgow.

For more information - check out the SSP website here

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