Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Getting Your Nob Out On The Radio

OK, so I'm a bit late at picking up this story - it's a couple of weeks old - but John Barrowman and the BBC have apologised after Captain Jack got his nob out on the radio.

On the radio. ON THE RADIO. It's a sound-only broadcast medium. You don't watch it. You don't see anything. So what exactly is the problem? The sound of a zipper? His reference to his fruit and nuts? Behave.

If I told you that I was sitting here naked whilst typing this blog entry, would that be grounds for complaint? (Actually, don't answer that.)

Interestingly, the report I linked to connects this incident to the Ross/Brand affair. I worried at the time that the moralism of the like of the Daily Mail over Ross/Brand would lead to an revival of demands for 'naughtiness' to be excised from the media and that essetnially harmless pranks would be caught in the reactionary net. It seems to me that John Barrowman's nob shows that this worry may be coming true.