Thursday, January 15, 2009

Housing scandal in Edinburgh

These houses in the Canongate on the Royal Mile of Edinburgh are lying empty and have been mostly for the past 18 months.

Recently in Edinburgh the Evening News had a headline stating that there had been 400,000 bids for 2,700 homes. In Edinburgh those on the council waiting list have to bid for houses that are published online or in local paper.

However in my street there are 18 empty flats, 9 of them are council houses! These are houses that are to be knocked down for a 5 star hotel and conference centre. I have been having a FOI rough and tumble with the council finally they answered - the developer is paying the council to keep the houses empty but no one is paying the council tax because no one is liable.

Last week a Norwich council chief was sacked for clearing out old age pensioners from their homes and putting herself, her lover and her pals in.

In last weeks Sunday Herald it was reported that Mountgrange admitted there is no cash secured to build the residential part of the Caltongate scheme. It looks like as each day goes by that there won't be a development. Yet decent homes lie empty. It really is an outrage! Up until the late 70s the council used to be called Edinburgh Co-0peration now nit is a Corporation for big business.

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