Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Israelis Oppose War on Gaza

This first film is of a demonstration of thousands of Israelis against their state's war on Gaza.

This is a superb display of principle in the face of government warmongering and pressure on Israel's population to support the war. As well as the placards and banners denouncing the war, you might spot a couple of Israeli flags alongside Palestinian flags, and you may hear some criticism of Hamas in the same breath as opposition to the military assault. Quite right. It's a good job that sections of the British 'left' are not there to drive these people off the protest!

The second film is about Israelis refusing to serve in the army, interviewing many of the brave and principled people who are doing so.

Wathcing these two films, it saddens me to hear reports from meetings in Britain purportedly in support of the Palestinians in which people have dismissed Israeli opposition to their government as irrelevant and not worth the effort in publicising or supporting.