Thursday, March 26, 2009

Batshit Bogle

Brilliant !

Check out her blog , she describes herself as :

Home is the London suburbs where husband Jamie and I live cheerily among lots of books and no TV. I'm currently studying for a BA (Divinity) at Maryvale Institute. I loathe instant coffee,extreme feminism, narrow-mindedness, cold pasta, "inclusive language" and stewed tea. Am happy attending a Mass in the Ordinary Form, love good hymns. Favourite modes of transport are train or bicycle. Am extremely fond of my nephews, nieces, great-nephew, great-niece, and godchildren and I also like buttered toast, sticky chocolate cake, rain,old-fashioned detective stories, Pope Benedict XV1, making jam, winter teatimes, sleeping out of doors on warm summer nights, Christmas, Pimms,ginger wine, and making patchwork quilts. I've got a list of men who ought to be bishops.

Hat Tip to Shiraz.