Friday, April 24, 2009

Pants and the recession

Just a quick post, any thought on this dear readers:

Last month, Y-fronts outsold boxer shorts for the first time since the early 1990s - the last time when Britain was in recession.

Debenhams said it is the standard, thick, warm, white, slightly frumpy styles which are selling like hot cakes rather than the skimpy, tight, high fashion versions of previous years.

The store's spokesman Ed Watson said: "These are the sort of pants our fathers wore.

"They provide a much greater sense of security than loose-fitting boxers, and perhaps, in these troubled times, that's what men need to feel."

Y-fronts were launched in the US 74 years ago. In recent years, loose fitting boxer shorts and slim line trunks have been, by far, the biggest sellers in Debenhams' menswear range.

The fashion chain's sales figures show that the sudden surge in Y-fronts began in November, just as the recession was starting to bite.

In total, sales have leapt by 35% over the six-month period, the company said.

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