Monday, April 20, 2009

Two Campaigns In Support of Palestinian Workers

From Labour Start ...

East Jerusalem workers appeal for support

Twenty one Palestinian workers from East Jerusalem who have been employed by the Israeli Antiquities Authority have lost their jobs in a bid by the employer to get around the law. They are victims of the kind of outsourcing many of you will be familiar with in your own countries. They've launched an international appeal for support and it's important that we flood their employer with messages of protest from around the world.

Please click here to send off your message today -- and spread the word!

Arab railway workers in Israel face discrimination, job loss

We've received an appeal from Sawt el-Amel, an NGO based in Nazareth, protesting the decision by Israel Railways to deny employment to railroad crossing guards who lack a permit to carry weapons. As such permits are usually only issued to army veterans, 150 Arab employees now face the sack. To learn more and to send off your message of protest, please visit the Sawt el-Amel website.

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