Saturday, April 04, 2009

Friday Fuckwit a day late- Peter Hitchens, sex and condoms

I was sent a link to this article by a reader, there isn't a blog link so I won't hat tip as I don't know if they want their name on here. Its about the debate over condoms:

And so it is with our country’s policy on contraception. It devalues the sex act. This ought to be an immensely private and intimate thing. It should be reserved for people wholly committed to each other and prepared to become parents.

Separated by ‘safety’ devices from its true purpose, it turns into a casual, often impersonal recreation, rather less serious than tennis – which is at least played according to fairly strict rules.

The article goes on to talk of "sex education that licenses teachers to groom children for under-age sex" and "here’s another pill, originally developed to protect pedigree bitches from becoming pregnant by mongrels."

Yep its the other Hitchens frothing about the fact that some people are not 'restrained' into having sex purely to breed. I really cannot get my head around why others have such an issue about what others do sexually and that they may be doing it purely for fun. I have never ever wanted children, so should I never ever have sex ?

Actually I can get my head round this, its all about women being kept firmly in their place, having no control over their own bodies, baby making machines . Yep, back in the kitchen and nursery with you ! The norm of marriage, babies, respectability good, floozies bad . Just in case women do question that, papers like The Mail will regale them of how it all goes wrong, whether that's a woman leaving a marriage she wasn't happy in, wanting a career, being independent or having sex with lots of people. Don't do it, you're regret it love.And what of sex between men or women in Hitchens world? Well that is obviously a no no isn't it, no risk of the patter of little feet there.

Well I think sex is as valid as any other form of recreation . Its certainly more fun than traditional womanly chores such as cooking , cleaning and looking after a husband .