Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pics From G20 Protest

Reporting on today's Put People First march in London to coincide with the G20 summit, I thought I would start with the most amusing placard of the day. Private Fraser would love it.

Next, here's the other 'arf and kiddiwinks on the Tube from Whitechapel to Temple preparing to protest. (Indulge me, please, this is one of only two occasions on which we have all managed to go on a demonstration together.)

In the spirit of which, here is young Harrison in his RMT hat.

I will be posting lots of RMT pics on the RMT London Calling website later this weekend, so will include just one here - a snap of part of the RMT contingent, with a few branch banners and flags on display.

A comment here ... Loads of unions had contingents with logo-adorned flags, banners, T-shirts, Hi-Vi vests, whistles and what have you. But very few had anything with any demands or political slogans on. The one exception on the RMT contingent was the 'No to EU' banner at the front, which I avoided straying too close to.

It seems to me that unions are preoccupied with branding themselves rather than raising their demands - with being seen to be there rather than using being there to promote their issues and battles. Where were the logo-adorned placards demanding 'Stop The Job Cuts', or 'Scrap the Anti-Union Laws', or 'Decent Pay and Jobs for All'?!

Fortunately, the march was not bereft of such banners, this being a good example ... Workers of the World Unite - defend women, migrants, youth ...

... and this making a highly pertinent point too. These were on the anti-capitalist, feminist and internationalist contingent that Workers' Liberty supported.