Friday, March 27, 2009

God Will Not Interveve, Says Friday Fuckwit

Archbishop Rowan Williams tells us that God will not intervene to save the planet. That's a pretty safe prediction, I'd say, as the Divine One has already omitted to intervene to stop famines, tsunamis, hideous diseases, earthquakes and the suchlike. And how about the Holocaust? Now that would have been as good a time as any for some divine intervention.

So let's get this right ... God creates the world, then sits back while a small proportion of its inhabitants form themselves into a ruling class and destroy his creation. And does nothing. Millions suffer in poverty and agony through no fault of their own, but although he is more than capable of intervening, he chooses not to. And we are supposed to worship this geezer?!

In the Gospel of St Luke, the parable of the Good Samaritan denounces those who would pass on the other side and not intervene to help a man lying beaten at the roadside. But it's OK for God to pass on the other side, yes?

Further, despite the fact that God has no intention of intervening to save the planet, the Archbishop would still have us all say our prayers each day. And praying, if I remember rightly, consists primarily of asking God to do stuff ie. to intervene.

So let's follow the Archbishop's (implied) advice. Stop praying and fight capitalism.

In the meantime, what are the chances of our FF realising the real reason why God won't intervene: because he doesn't exist. Pretty slim, I'd say, but the real fuckwittery in Williams' comment is that even if God does exist, he's not much use, is he?

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