Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Chavez congratulates Ahmadinejad

Now, I don't think that the Venezuelan regime is the same as the Iranian regime, as sort-of suggested in a comments thread on another post, but neither am I as starry-eyed about Chavez are some on the left.

This report should give Chavistas pause for thought.

[Hat tip: Paul.]


Sat, 13 Jun 2009 07:22:33 GMT
Source: Press TV [i.e. Iranian English language news service, HQ Tehran]§ionid=351020101

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has congratulated his Iranian counterpart Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for the success of his re-election bid, in yesterday's poll.

In a telephone conversation with the Iranian president, Chavez said, "The victory of Dr. Ahmadinejad in the recent election is a win for all people in the world and free nations against global arrogance," Iran's Presidential Office reported. Chavez usually uses the term "global arrogance" to refer to Venezuela's arch-foe the United States.

The call came after preliminary results were announced by the Interior Ministry saying that Iran's incumbent president has won a landslide victory, gaining more than 64 percent of the votes.

Chavez also noted that the Venezuelan people and government always stand behind the Iranians.

In his reply, Ahmadinejad said that, "Despite all pressures, the nation of Iran had completely won (the election) and indeed this victory shows the clear road for the future.”

Before the start of the election too, the socialist leader had wished Ahmadinejad good luck in his re-election bid.

Speaking to supporters Thursday, Chavez called the Iranian president "a courageous fighter for the Islamic Revolution, the defense of the Third World, and in the struggle against imperialism.”

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