Sunday, June 07, 2009

McDonnell calls for end to faction-fighting to focus on radical policy change

Press release from John :

The expected disastrous election results for the Labour Party are now emerging, Ministers are resigning in personal faction-fights, and a Cabinet reshuffle is taking place.

John McDonnell MP argues that it is not the faces, but the policies that need to change - and urgently - if the Party is to survive.

John McDonnell MP, LRC Chair, said:

"The Labour Party was founded to transform our society. Undoubtedly disputes broke out in each era and were often bitterly fought but they centred on the basic policies and political direction of the party."

"Party members have looked on aghast, in disgust and anger, at the self interested, self serving political faction fighting amongst Ministers and MPs over the last week."

"It says it all that as Ministers has announced their resignations to the media not a single policy difference has been mentioned. Bouncing through a cabinet reshuffle simply to tie down potential rivals or plotters can only be a short term temporary fix."

"The message of the emerging election results continue to demonstrate the need for policy change if this Government is to survive. People have been alienated by the policies of illegal and immoral wars, privatisation of public services, attacks on civil liberties, unfettered greed in the finance sector and amongst the political class."

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