Friday, July 24, 2009

Save Vestas

Just a bit of a round up on this.

First off check out the website and the Facebook group for updates and how to help.

There is a petition, so head over and sign it.

There is a solidarity protest at the Vestas HQ:

Create Green Jobs – Don’t destroy them
Support the Vestas Occupation
Solidarity protest at Vestas UK HQ in Warrington
Saturday 25th July @ 12 noon
Vestas Celtic UK HQ
302 Bridgewater Place
For Further info: Richard 07760 224 580 – Gtr Manchester Respect

Hat tip Liam.

Liam also has a report from the London demo last Wednesday. Seems Simon Hughes was heckled :

Did you know that Simon Hughes is not a Trotskyist? I can exclusively reveal tonight that the Liberal Democrat MP is not in favour of nationalising stuff under workers’ control and that this is the view of his party.
Who’d have predicted that? Eh?

The cops had decreed that no megaphones were to be used and I can’t claim to have heard too much of what he said but there was something about the importance of skills, something about windpower being a good thing and global warming being a bad thing. Not quite the revolutionary programme but not worth getting your knickers in a twist about. Applaud mildly and see who’s up next is the sensible reaction.
Gosh no!
“It’s a popular front!” “He’s just grandstanding!” “Let’s occupy the ministry!” “Are you in favour of nationalisation???”


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