Thursday, August 20, 2009

Release on compassionate grounds

Kenny McAskill MSP and Justice Minister in Scotland today decided to relaese Abdel Baset al-Megrahi on "compassionate grounds." As he dropped his appeal he remains convicted of bombing the Pan Am Flight 103 and the death of 270 people .

I supoort this decision 100% and actually worried that he would buckle under pressure from US. See the news story

In Scotland (I don't know about England and Wales) when a prisoner is terminally ill or is diagnosed with alzhemiers or vascular dementia(or similar condition) there is an application for compassionate discharge from prison in order they can recieve the care that they need. In the majority of cases this is granted it is only not granted if the prisoner remains at risk to the public or targetted victims. Al-Meghari has a poor prognosis - he has terminal prostrate cancer. A doctor has said he would be dead within 3 months.

I am concened that the appeal has been dropped, I think this is a travesity of justice, both for Magrhi and for relatives of the victims.

I understand that Richard Nixon in the 70s advocated very strongly for Rudolf Hess to be releasedfrom Spandeau Prison as he had dementia and was in prison by himself. The British agreed but the USSR refused to let him go.

However today I saw that there is now a Boycott Scotland campaign set up! What is interesting is that Dr Jim Swires, father to Flora Swires who was killed on the Pan Am 103 Flight has supported an appeal for Al-Megrahi and believes that Al-Megrahi is innocent, Dr Swires has said publicly that he welcomes Megrahi's release. However with the appeals being dropped we might never know what really happened.