Monday, December 07, 2009

Harrow next Sunday: Counter-protest against anti-Muslim mobilisation

Message from Barnet TUC below.

I'm no fan of any religion, but as a secularist, I firmly believe that people should not be attacked and persecuted for adhering to a particular religion. So when a bunch of right-wingers turn up to demonstrate against a mosque (not, note, against a political Islamist event, but against a mosque), then I reckon that socialists, anti-fascists and secularists should turn out to defend it.

I expect David Duff will not be attending, as he thinks that Muslims are only ever the perpetrators of attacks, not the victims of them ...

Mobilise against the far-right!

Harrow, Sunday 13th December
Counter-demonstration to Stop Islamisation of Europe (SIOE) rally

In September the anti-Muslim group SIOE planned to demonstrate outside Harrow mosque on the pretext of commemorating the 9/11 events. In the event, they were not able to hold their demonstration as there were too many counter-protestors. However, in the past few months SIOE fellow-travellers the English Defence League (EDL) have organised several demonstrations in English towns, and the far-right have taken heart from this. Now SIOE plan to come back to Harrow on Sunday 13th December for a static demonstration, again outside Harrow mosque. They are likely to be more numerous this time than last.
Unite Against Fascism and other groups are again organising a counter-demonstration. The SIOE is due to hold their protest from 2-4pm. The counter-demonstration will be from 12 noon until after the SIOE protest is due to end.
Trade unionists and anti-fascists should support the counter-demonstration – and visibly! We oppose the politics of the far-right, and also the deterioration in social conditions that creates the ground in which far-right sentiment breeds.
Please join the counter-demonstration and, most important, for visibility, please bring union banners.
If you would like to go to the counter-demonstration with fellow trade unionists, we are suggesting that people meet at Harrow and Wealdstone train station at 12 noon.
Vicki Morris
Publicity officer, Barnet trades union council (Barnet TUC) /

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