Friday, February 26, 2010

Betty's Bentley breaks down

I'm sure some on here will gripe about crowded buses, tubes and trains ,or moan about cancellations and engineering works.

Buck up your ideas and follow the example of Betty . Yep, she knows how to roll up her sleeves and make do, even when her £10 million Bentley breaks down :

After her visit to Aldgate and a nice lunch at the Gherkin skyscraper, the Queen's armour-plated Bentley broke down. The vintage motor, presented to her in 2002 to mark her Golden Jubilee, simply wouldn't start.
As she clambered back out, an aide gesticulated to a Metropolitan Police Range Rover escort vehicle and helped the 83-year-old monarch climb inside.
She then drove off to her final engagement of the day just a few minutes away at Tower Bridge.
One onlooker who saw the entire episode said: 'It was all a bit awkward.
'The Queen's obviously never experienced an engine break down before and looked a bit stunned that the car wasn't working.
'She got out and an aide told her she was going to have use a police Range Rover.
'She just hopped in the back and continued on her journey.'

Oh my what a trooper, she knows how to make to do and rough it, puts the rest of us to shame don't it , gawd bless you ma'am .

Next time I am stuck on an overcrowded bendy bus , crawling through the roadworks on the Kingsland High Road, well I'll just hop off and flag down one of the many police cars that speed through with flashing lights and screeching sirens . Well if its good enough for the Queen ...