Monday, April 12, 2010

Sarah Brown and the politics of pedicures

For those stupid and shallow enough to base where they place their X in this election based on what Sam Cam or Sarah Brown wears or does, the Mail helpfully is running daily updates. This may very well be the clincher that sees Cameron walk through the doors of no 10:

The wife of Labour leader Gordon Brown should have been putting her best foot forward when she visited a temple in north-west London today.
Instead she unveiled a rather unsightly problem on her left foot - her little toe and fourth toe crossed over one another.

She has been placed in direct competition with David Cameron's wife Samantha, and this will do little to boost her credential's against 'SamCam'.
In fact, it's the kind of sight that will immediately put the Prime Minister's wife into second place behind the Tory leader's wife.

She would have been well aware that her toes were in such a frightful condition, however, and most likely decided against a her detriment.

Oh and Sarah, you really should have got knocked up as well a few months before the election. Very remiss not to do your duty there .


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