Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Awwwww, do I really have to 'do ' a Tory Govt all over again

I have the t-shirt, the badges and the 'credits' to just give this one a miss surely ?

Done the demos under the last lot of Tories, Thatcher included: miners strike, section 28, Poll Tax etc . 18 years worth .

I have done the fighting in the Labour Party , from Benn to McDonnell .

Can't I just skip to the next election ? Better still, transport me to a time with a Socialist Government .

Damn, we don't have time machines yet . Well then I'll just have to hibernate in bed, with Dave and a bottle of JD .

Whats that? Need to organise, get out there , start the fight back.

What about after this weekend ? Nope, need to Join the Resistance !!

Oh if you insist .

One request though, if we must go back to the 80s, bring back Spitting Image !

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