Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Well done Robert Dougans !

Yep, know he is a Tory Boy, but he came to Dave's rescue in his libel defence case against Ms Kaschke. For that I'm very grateful and come the revolution he will be spared :-)

For those who haven't followed the case , details here and here. Thanks also go to David Allan Green and Joel Bennathan of course .

Last night though, the limelight was on Robert :

I am delighted that my friend and former trainee Robert Dougans won the extremely prestigious Assistant Solicitor of the Year award at last night's The Lawyer ceremony at the Grosvenor Hotel.

(An "Assistant Solicitor" - in general terms - is a lawyer who works at a law firm who is not a partner.)

Robert won this for his conduct of the Simon Singh appeal and for his extensive pro bono work, including in respect of the Dave Osler libel case (where he was able to convince Mr Justice Eady to strike out the claim as an abuse of process).

Well deserved.

Pic of Dave with Robert outside the courts celebrating .