Friday, December 10, 2010

"Off with their heads:" Charles and Camillia faced with rioting 'subjects '

Seems one Police Chief took this very seriously. Yep, throwing paint, kicking a car and shouting slogans could have led to some students being shot. Gosh and they weren't even Johnny
foreigner who looks like a terrorist .

The news has been bleating on about how dreadful it was to inconvenience the Royal benefit scroungers , to whom tuition fees is surely like small change , having to face a public that wasn't bowing ,scraping and bearing flowers .

The Mail (apologies for linking ) states in its usual huff and puffery :

Met chief Sir Paul Stephenson today mounted an extraordinary defence of armed protection officers after the worst Royal security blunder in a generation.

Sir Paul hailed the 'enormous restraint' of the team guarding Prince Charles and his wife the Duchess of Cornwall, implying the rioters were lucky not to have been shot.

Camilla was left terrified as their Rolls Royce came under fire from a snarling mob of student fees rioters as it made its way to the Royal Variety Performance at the London Palladium.

The car was kicked, rocked and hit with paint bombs as up to 20 demonstrators attacked it and chanted 'Off with their heads!' and 'Tory scum', leaving the couple visibly shaken.

The Prince and Duchess were not hurt but the potential risk to their safety raised worrying echoes of the 1974 kidnap attempt on Princess Anne.

Yep, they weren't hurt or kettled or hit with a truncheon and needing a brain op like Alfie Meadows.

So they saw a glimpse of the anger from those at the sharp end of this Government and then scuttled back to their cosseted lives. Tough .

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