Thursday, November 02, 2006

Spooks: it's not real....

In this week's Public magazine (sub only) there is a very funny (intentionally or not) article of the telly programme Spooks. Firstly, folks, it is not real. Not real? Not real..!! Well, I am utterly disillusioned now.Totally ruined it for me.

"Enjoy the show but don't, please, use it as a guide to really existing government."
And there's me thinking MI5 had gone all touchy-feely liberal.They could be selling Socialist Worker next.

I like Spooks though I wasn't a big fan with the original cast as it had a chunky, clunky and boring script back then. I was sooooo pleased when Matthew MacFadyen left and went back to period dramas.

Interestingly, according to the article, they did have a "security consultant" for the first series but he/she got their P45 quite soon after and the makers of Spooks decided to make it up as they went along. Much better.

Now the lead male protagonist, Adam (the luscious Rupert Penry-Jones) rolls his sleeves up, gets his hands dirty and has fist fights with Mossad agents. It is frenetic, has fancy cinematography, and a sharp script. Though they have swiped the idea from 24 of dividing up the screen with different scenes. The topical scripts deal with the "enemy within", Christian fundamentalists, Mossad agents and much, much more for your TV licence. I am even warming to Ice Maiden Ros.

Btw: if you thinking of going to work for MI5 remember, they have a height requirement of no higher than 5ft 11ins.

Oh yeah, on the tube once I saw some bloke filling in his MI5 application form. I wonder if he was successful? I mean, just how clever is it to fill in your details in a public place. I could’ve been anyone you know……

Isn't it the final episode next Monday?