Thursday, June 28, 2007

Brown and the government of 'all the talents'

Brown has been accused of being 'tribal'. The Tories have warned he will drag the country to the left. Fat chance. It seems he has even less loyalty to Labour (and I mean in a 'broad church' sense) than Blair.

Brown is compiling his government of 'all the talents', but lets not kid ourselves that this is inclusive or wide ranging in the views it encompasses.
He started off with trying to get Paddy Ashdown to take up a job, welcomed a particularly reactionary Tory into the fold and has set up the 'Business Council for Britain' to advise the government. This includes Alan Sugar and private equity king Damon Buffini. The message clearly being he has no real interest in listening to the unions and the workforce they represent.He does not want people outside of the Party that may offer up even mild criticism of the business friendly New Labour agenda.

Today it has been announced that bloody awful Shirley Williams seems to have been offered a job. Arghhh. Check out some youtube clips over at DSTFW for her inability to defend free speech. Of course my dislike of her goes back to the SDP/Gang of Four days .

Lets see what the rest of the day brings...