Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Punchie !!!!!!

I know, he really should not be encouraged but I couldn't resist a post on this as it made me laugh.

Punchie is concerned that we may miss out on some of his comments he makes on other blogs. He states :

I’m pleased to be making this week’s article a joint post with my new subsidary site Southpawpunch Comments.

Southpawpunch Comments will publish what I think are the most interesting comments that I make on other sites.

I’ve been thinking that some of what I write isn’t easily available to those who may wish to read it - unless they go to the same sites as I do.

And points I make elsewhere can be hard to find later - comments usually aren’t picked up by search engines and it can be hard keeping track of all the different threads to which I may post.

And let's be frank - many are sharp, acerbic, deal with difficult topics and are a lot bolder than the mush and mess littering both 'Marxist' and moderate sites. Maybe some of my comments are worth more than evaporating when the historical work of the reformist sites is finally done and they are forced off the stage of history.

Mainly from memory, I’ve collected a few of my previous comments (below) under the name of the blog where I first made them. (If you remember anything else you think worth including, please do let me know by sending me a link).

Next week I shall also publish some of my previous comments made on Southpawpunch and that are currently just hidden away in the comments boxes. Pulling them out to the main site will make them easier to find.

But in future I’ll be adding comments on a chronological basis, not by blog - I’ll post maybe a weekly article or a less frequent round-up (when I don’t say much) of my most recent comments at Southpawpunch Comments.

I won’t publish anything there until the original thread appears to have finished. Some comments that I will publish there will have minor edits - for clarity, spelling or grammar.

Of course, this is all rather one-sided. I will give a little background about the issue that was being discussed but I won’t be including the comments and the original posts of others - articles will just get far too long if I include everyone else’s text.

I also won’t be allowing comments on Southpawpunch Comments. I think debates read better when they continue where they started. I’ll publish a link (detailed links will be find on the Southpawlinks site) - if you want to make a point, or find out more, you can go to the original site.

I’d love to combine Southpawpunch, Southpawpunch Comments and Southpawpunch Life into one website with a multi-stranded front page that included all of these and more. If anyone knows how to do this, incorporating these blogs in a cheap (or free) and simple way, please do let me know.

I don’t know of anyone else who has published a site to report the comments that they make elsewhere. Can you copyright an idea like this? I’m sure many a multi-national has protected far more nebulous concepts. I intend ensuring that all the Southpawpunch sites are as innovative as the technology allows - this new site is one of the many new ideas that I try.

I'm really quite lost for words !!

A while back I toyed with the idea of a carnival of Denham. Perhaps a carnival of Punchie is in the offing .
Still if anyone really wants to make sure they do not miss a word of wisdom from the real really really really revolutionary punchie then head over to punchie comments !!

The pic is for Punchie as he is such a fan of Ms Hilton;-)

Just thinking there is plenty of scope for other 'spin off' blogs .Lets not stop at three Punchie blogs, the world wants more !! We could have a 'comments on Punchies comments ' one.
How about other bloggers. Well what about 'Andy Newman spellchecker' blog featuring classic badly spelt and unreadable comments? .How about 'the collected swear words of Will',featuring his most obscure and creative uses for them. Try googling rekkamiehen-pastilli . And no, its not some obscure political philosopher ;-)
After that we could have a 'cooking with Will ' blog.

Yep, plenty of scope for spin offs.