Friday, July 20, 2007

18 Doughty Street : A hotbed of lefties...apparently

Someone has a very strange idea of what constitutes left , even wussy liberal left :

Doughty Street has a distinct liberal left bias; however its founders have gone on to establish two similar sites, Centre Right and Britain and America, both of which espouse highly conservative positions. Do not believe for one second that these sites are some noble attempt to redress the balance. They exist because Doughty Street leftist polemic has proven to be both popular and profitable, so if it works for the left then why not for the right? I get the slightly scary feeling that someday soon all news may look this way.

WTF! I know many bloggers call it Tory TV .
As another blogger, Bob Piper , states :

If Ben Marshall thinks Doughty Street is left polemic there must have been a seismic shift in world politics.

I looked at the profile of the author of the CiF article:

Ben Marshall has worked for The Mail On Sunday, Rolling Stone, Loaded (as Editor at Large), GQ (as Hollywood Editor) and is a regular contributor to The Guardian Guide. He is also Associate Editor of Golf Punk, and the provider of the Ben Marshall interview for Uncut Magazine

Ahhh, it is starting to make sense now.

hat tip PCoE