Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Gay Times advert - London Underground and double standards

Pink News reports on a story in the London Paper yesterday :

A gay lifestyle magazine cover proved too racy for London Underground, who asked that the image be substituted for one more sedate.
The offending cover of GT ironically marks the 40th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality.

The reason for the ban :

... London Underground refused to allow the image of a scantily-clad male and what appeared to be his partner to be used on the network, arguing? one of the models? was in an “unnecessary? state of undress”.


A spokesman for Gay Times said: “In our opinion, their refusal? is totally unjustified considering some of the heterosexual? ads on display at the moment.

This advert seems no more 'unnecessary' than many others on the underground and elsewhere for that matter.

So semi naked heterosexual couples and women are ok, the whiff of censorship only seems to kick in when its two gay men .
Homophobia is still alive and kicking.

Pictured above : the banned and the approved adverts.