Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Boris for Mayor ?

Walking through London I noticed an Evening Standard board proclaiming that that Boris may run for Mayor . No need for last names, Boris is in the celebrity company of Madonna, Kylie and Jesus in that everyone knows who is being referred to.

And celebrity is the issue here. Boris is not a fool even though he acts it. He bumbles and behaves like a eccentric toff, with his shambolic appearance and his wayward hair. The public generally forgive him any gaffes and a number of alleged affairs. I'm not sure many really take notice of his politics and probably know him better for his appearances on HIGNFY.

If I was Cameron I make would sure he was the Tory candidate . I think he would stand a very good chance of winning, mainly because people would see the TV character and not the Tory politician.

Might put a bet on that.

(Not that this is in anyway support for a Tory candidate !)