Sunday, July 01, 2007

The return of Derek Hatton ?

Brought to my attention by Susan , who found it via Yozzer.

Apparently :

It was reported in the Liverpool Daily Post in May 2007 that Hatton has stated that he has recently rejoined the Labour Party and that he intends to seek selection as a parliamentary candidate in the North West. Hatton also says that his ambition is to be Deputy Leader of the Labour Party and that he would run for the office in the summer in the unlikely event of him being able to enter parliament via a by-election. Hatton made clear that he is no longer a Trotskyist, but maintains that he remains firmly on the left of the party, expressing his belief that Labour has to abandon 'New Labour' ideology (or "neo-Tory", as Hatton puts it) and return to its traditional values.

Well he missed out on that DP vote didn't he.Imagine the debate on the leftie blogs, Cruddas or Hatton ?

Perhaps the media work and motivational speaking engagements have all dried up, well there are so many other egos out there jostling for air time . Wonder if he has been approached for Celebrity Big Brother .

I can't see Brown letting him get selected anywhere.

Anyone know why he is back in the labour Party?