Sunday, July 08, 2007

'Middle class poverty ' and private school fees

Yet again it seemt the left is not really taking account of the real struggles out there :

THE COST of private education for day pupils has breached the £20,000 barrier as schools set their fees for the next academic year.

Many parents complain that the steep increases over the past few years are forcing them into “middle-class poverty”. The anger has been compounded by the fact that some top schools have in the past colluded over charges.

A survey of 82 leading independent schools, including The Sunday Times Top 50 School List, reveals that day school fees will rise by 6% in the next academic year, with some already charging more than £20,000. Boarding school fees have also risen above inflation with a 5.5% increase, with fees at Tonbridge School, rising to £26,826, ahead of Eton College at £26,490. Consumer Price Index inflation is running at 2.5%.

Carol Evans, who lives with her husband Hugo near Gloucester, has three children, two of whom were day pupils at Rendcomb College, an independent school. The third was privately educated but they have now sent him to a local state-run sixth-form college as they can no longer afford the fees.

“The increase since we started sending our kids private has been fantastic,” Evans said.

“If you have two kids it might be okay, but once you try sending three or four private it’s just impossible.

“There is no more skiing at Easter or summer holidays in Greece. It’s a week in Devon if you’re lucky.

“I think people are increasingly looking at the state sector and saying, if you can find good non-fee-paying schools, why not? We’re lucky in this area in that we have very good schools that are not fee paying.”

So don't you mock, life is tough for some.

Pic - Gordonstoun